Chained up in her own self Had tried to break free before But in vain All her efforts at trying to console herself, sympathize herself Had brought her nothing but pain It was time for her to realise That the bird had been long too caged It was time to let it free Fly, soar … More


“…..with you, forever” Reading the last of her He remembered his early days And tried to remember the ones before, the ones which had gone in vain But regret was all he could feel He felt remorse, he felt pain But nothing he could would bring her back now If only, he’d listened to her … More Gone


Maybe it was because of all those nights with her, that I found this one different #modern #rant

The past is the present we never had and the future we never wished for

There is a harmonious relation between the voice surrounding you and the silence within


Calluses are a proof of his endurement What lied before and what lies next But the marks on him are a proof That time leaves them


She was sitting in the corner, crying Afraid and scared of what might happen Scared of the dark Scared of the unknown Scared of the lost Shivering in the cold, with her head held down She could hear the distant voice She could hear hee inner voice Asking her to let it go But she … More Scared